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Experience | At PhysioDirect you will only find experienced and dynamic physios. Most of us have more than 10 years experience working with individuals to solve their problems (some of us much longer!)


Qualifications | We work with elite teams and most of our staff have post graduate qualifications. We have all been based in the hospital environment and extended our knowledge into the private sector


Our partnership with you | We view our work with patients as a partnership. We consider you to be the most important member of the team and we'll treat you as such.


Support | We'll give you all the knowledge and support you require to properly manage your condition - so you don't have to keep coming back.


Prevention | We know that prevention is better than cure; it just makes good, plain old-fashioned sense.


Your condition | We will aim to find the root cause of your problem - we don't want you to spend your life in  treatment. So, we promise if you are not showing signs of getting better within 3-6 sessions we won't just keep on treating.  If you agree we will refer you for further investigation liaising directly with your GP  or consultant to ensure they are thoroughly informed about your condition.

Outstanding Results

Since 1996 thousands of patients have trusted us with their health.

+90% Referrals

We're really proud that the  majority of our new clients are word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients.

Highly Qualified

All our senior therapists are highly qualifeid. We actively support continued professional development and are constantly welcome feedback on how to improve.

Evidence Based Practice

There is no place for unscientific  treatment; we rely on  evidence and experience to decide how best to help you.

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