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We love what we do

All our therapists are Chartered and HCPC registered Physiotherapists or hold specialist qualifications. We are passionate about our profession and helping you to get beyond better.

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whether it is simply a word of advice or a specialist intervention we aim to uncover the root cause of your problems and help you back to optimum performance.

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Managed Care by Chartered & HCPC Registered Physiotherapists


PhysioDirect offers 'Hands-On' practical solutions for musculoskeletal injuries. We aim to treat the root of your problems and not just your symptoms!


Evidence has confirmed that prompt intervention can reduce pain and suffering. By providing the correct treatment intervention on a timely basis, a speedier recovery and return to functional activity can be achieved.


Early intervention lessens the possibility of long term damage and complications. An  accurate assessment ensures maximum recovery. This can be documented into a report for you doctor, solicitor or employer.


Timely intervention is the key. Waiting delays recoving and may lead to complications.


PhysioDirect are specialist Hands-On musculoskeletal professionals who will work with you to overcome your injury in a friendly, hygienic and conveniently located facility at times to suite you.


Treatment programmes are personalised to each patient to ensure the very best results. It is never rushed or hurried. We know that achieving your goal will bring its reward. A happy patient is our aim.


We can also support you at home or at work.


- OnCall

- OnSite

- OnDemand


are just 3 of the options we can offer. Contact us for more information.

Maintain & Prevent

Regular check ups and maintenance sessions are especially important for chronic injuries or for the physically active sportsman or worker.


We are all aware of the importance for regular dental checks and car maintenance provide. With our bodies being exposed daily to repeated stress's and strains it make sense to look after our musculoskeletal structure in the same way!


Maintenance helps to prevent injury and breakdown that often creeps up on us during our busy lives and which is only recognised when it is too late!


We are firm believers that prevention is better than cure. That's why we actively promote the benefits of physiotherapy intervention at work and play. We want to help you staf fit, healthy and at work. Inform your employer and we will reward your effort !


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