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Corporate Health and Safety


Corporate health and safety is now of paramount importance to all companies who have a legal duty of care to ensure the health and welfare of their staff. As a centre of excellence for integrated health services, we regularly treat a wide range of work based musculoskeletal conditions including biopsychosocial related issues. We can also offer specialists services on work related problems such as absenteeism and stress in the workplace. We can show you how to manage these common problems and improve staff engagement and productivity at the same time.


Many of our services can be offered on-site for your convenience. Contact us for more details.

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We love what we do

All our therapists are Chartered and HCPC registered Physiotherapists or hold specialist qualificaitons. We are passionate about our profession and to getting you beyond better.

Our services

whether it is simply a word of advice or a specialist intervention we aim to uncover the root cause of your problems and help you back to optimum performance.

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Attendance and Engagement 

Productivity is a process which adapts to individual personal performance. We are experts at showing you how this can be achieved. According the Cochrane report 2009 'Physiotherapists and Ergonomists' (which are often one in the same) have been established as a positive influence in the workplace (Lotter et al, 2011)  and that there is good evidence that Rehabilitation and Occupational Health professions are key to RTW as unbiased, independent facilitators (Institute for Work and Health, 2004).


Work Station Assessments

Our physiotherapists attends the workplace to carry out a twenty minute, one-to-one consultation which assesses and provides recommendations on the individual’s workplace. The session focuses on the workstation and examines desk and monitor height, chair set up, phone position, as well as the surrounding environment including lighting and noise. It also focuses on posture of the individual concerned. All of these issues can pose potential hazards to health and can cause musculo-skeletal disorders. A comprehensive report is provided to the employee and to the employer.


Postural Assessments

Our chiropractor attends the workplace and carries out a 15 minute individual posture consultation.  Those involved receive a written report on their posture, plus an advice and exercise sheet. These assessments can be performed as part of a company health awareness day.

Musculoskeletal Disorders


We have an excellent musculoskeletal team of physiotherapists including a foot healthcare practitioner who can treat a wide variety of conditions including veruccas, ingrowing toenails, to issues of a more biomechanical nature such as knee, ankle and heel problems. Acupuncture which has been shown to be effective can also treat back and neck pain as well as osteopathy, chiropractor and massage.


Other Services

We have a range of other services including a team of nutritionists, sports, deep tissue and reflexology, pilates which is useful for stress relief, strength and rehabilitation programmes. A company may wish to provide a contribution to any of our services and treatments for their employees, alternatively employees can arrange and pay for these services on an individual basis. We are registered with all major insurance providers.


Health Awareness Days

In conjunction with PhysioDirect and our Occupational Health Specialists we can provide advice and demonstrations to your company as part of your own company health awareness plan. Please ask for further information.


Health Insurance

93% of employers saying they believed positive health interventions and prevention could influence personal and organisational performance. However, 62% bosses do not think that their current health benefits will hold up in the long run. Why not find out more how we can help you create a Workfit Business that is sustainable.