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Private physiotherapists are often more experienced. Many of our physiotherapist  work both for the NHS and private. PhysioDirect provides the framework for them to do this professionally without delivery target interference and bugetry constraints!  Patients choose to use us because we offer a real no-wait alternative. More than 90% of our referrals are by word of mouth. Where proud of this fact and we're confident that your patients will appreciate your recommendations.

Outstanding Results

Since 1996 thousands of patients have trusted us with their health where others have failed.

+90% Referrals

We're really proud that the  majority of our new clients come by word of mouth from previously satisfied clients.

Highly Qualified

Our senior therapists are highly qualifeid with a strong emphasis of continuingly professional development.

Evidence Based Practice

There is no place for unscientific  treatment; we rely on  evidence and experience to decide how best to help you.

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We have a dedicated team waiting to help.


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PhysioDirect have been around since 1996. Interestingly, this concept has been followed by the NHS with several regions adopting the same philosophy - that direct access physiotherapy actual works - saves time, money and unnecessary suffering.  PhysioDirect is a no-wait alternative that is quick, easy and a more convenient choice for patients. To get the best outcome patient complaince needs  timely intervention that promotes regular active supported rehabilitation. You know that this is the difference that makes sense.  

We are always keen to develop professional relationships and to optimise our patient care pathways. We can tailor our feedback to your requirements.  


We will provide you with a brief assessment and treatment plan report; And, on discharge a status report.

For PhysioDirect contracts, Onsite and satelite clinics we can provide direct access booking facilities for your convenience. Contact us to find out more.


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We love what we do

All our therapists are Chartered and HCPC registered Physiotherapists or hold specialist qualificaitons. We are passionate about our profession and to getting you beyond better.

Our services

whether it is simply a word of advice or a specialist intervention we aim to uncover the root cause of your problems and help you back to optimum performance.

Managed Care by qualified Chartered & HCPC registered Physiotherapists est 1996.

Whilst medical insurance can really help to avoid unnecessary waiting and delays in getting treatment it is not always necessary. We are listed with all major insurance providers and in most cases we can speak to them direct and our direct cost are not prohibitive. Most conditions only need a few sessions to get marked improvement.

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Direct access physiotherapy referral schemes have been shown to result in lower prescription costs and significantly better sickness absence outcomes.

A real alternative

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